Resource Clean Up

Congratulations, you have now completed the workshop!

MediaTailor channel assembly charges are based on running channels. To avoid unintended costs, ensure you stop your channel when you are finished with it. You can also delete the resources created during this workshop in the following order:

  1. Delete the MediaTailor Ad Configuration you cerated during this session
  2. Stop the Channel Assembly Channel
  3. Once stopped, highlight the Skateboarding program from the playlist and click in the delete button
  4. Delete the Stags program in the same way
  5. Browse to Channel assembly > Channels
  6. Select the Channel from the Actions drop-down menu, choose Delete
  7. Browse to Channel Assembly > Source Locations
  8. Click on your source location and highlight each source one at a time and click Delete
  9. Browse to Source Locations, highlight your location and click Delete.