Enable Dynamic Ad Insertion

We have seen how Channel Assembly can be used to build virtual channels from existing video on demand (VOD) content and create playlists that include pre-roll and mid-roll advertising. What if we wanted to replace these ad slots with dynamic advertisements on a per user session basis? To achive this, we can take advantage of MediaTailor’s server side ad insertion architecture.

When we created ad breaks as part of our program configuration in step 5, not only did this trigger channel assembly to include our ad source at that point in the playlist, it also inserts ad markers in the stream that can be used by MediaTailors ad system to make calls to an ad decision server (ADS) to determine what ads to insert.

In this module, we will create a MediaTailor ad configuration to use in conjunction with our virtual channel.

The ad decision server (ADS) we are using for this workshop has a selection of different ads associated with a campaign we are going to specify. The ADS will return ad content in a random order to fill the ad windows we associated with our programs in step 5.