Program 2 - Stags

Navigate back to your Channel. You should now see Channel Assembly building a playlist, looping the program you just created over and over.

Lets create the second program

To start, click the Add Program button again

5.2.1 Give your program a memorable name:

Lets call this program Stags

As before, select the Source Location and the Stags source from the drop down lists

5.2.3 Playback configuration

This time we want to set our playback configuration such that our Stags program appears after our Skateboarding program. Set the relative position to After program and choose the Skateboarding program from the drop down list:

Program 2 Playback Configuration

5.2.4 Create an ad break

We will only create one ad break to play at the begining or our program this time.

  • Click Add Ad Break and select our 15 second ad source again.

  • Since we want this break to prepend our program, you can keep the Offset set to 0.

  • Leave Avail number, Avails Expected, and Splice event ID at their default values

  • Set Unique program ID to 3

We want to ensure the same Unique program ID (UPID) is not repeated within the live manifest window as this can cause some players to error.

5.2.5 Create

Click Add Program to complete the process