Program 1 - Skateboarding

To start, click the Add Program button

5.1.1 Give your program a memorable name:

Sticking with the name Skateboarding avoids confusion, but you are free to use whatever name you like

Program Name

Select your Source Location and Skateboarding Source from the drop down lists:

Program Source

5.1.3 Playback configuration

The Playback configuration section is where you define the relationship of this program relative to others. Since this is our first program, you can leave this section as it is for now.

5.1.4 Define Ad locations

Ad Break 1

  • Click Add ad break

  • First define the source content to play during the ad. Select your Source Location and the Ad15sec Source from the drop down lists

  • Leave the offset at 0. This will cause the ad to play prior to the program content. The duration of the break is determined by the length of the source asset selected above.

  • Leave Avail number, Avails Expected, and Splice event ID at their default values

  • Set Unique program ID to 1

Ad Break 2

  • Click Add ad break again to create a second break.

  • Select the same Location and Ad15sec Source as before.

  • This time set the offset to 30000 (30 seconds) which is the midpoint of the Skateboarding clip.

  • Again, you do not need to change Avail number, Avails Expected or Splice event ID

  • Set Unique program ID to 2

5.1.5 Create

Click Add Program to complete the process.

You will see a summary of the program you just created.

We want to ensure the same Unique program ID (UPID) is not repeated within the live manifest window, which is why we are setting them to different values for each of our ads.