Create Programs

We don’t assign sources directly to channels. Instead, we define programs and it is the program list that determined the order in which content appears on your channel. When we create a program, we are also given the option to insert one or more ad breaks at defined times. In this module, we are going to take our Skateboarding source we created earlier, and define a program with two ad breaks, the first right at the beginning of the asset, the second at the midway point (30 seconds). We’re then going to create a second program, using our 30 second Stags source, again adding an ad break at the beginning.

Program Anatomy

We will specify that our Stags program follows the Skateboarding program resulting in a timeline like this:

Program Timeline

Prefixing a program with a zero offset ad in this way means you do not require precise program duration information. The ad will play, immediately followed by the program.