Define a Source Location

As the name suggest, a Source Location is the place where the video content to be used to build your virtual channel or channels is stored. This is effectively a common URL prefix for MediaTailor to use when accessing the associated video assets. This can be Amazon S3, a just-in-time packaging origin service such as AWS Elemental MediaPackage, a CDN such as Amazon CloudFront or a standard http web server.

2.1 Creating a source location

Select Source locations from the left hand navigation bar

Give your source location a name and specify the following as your base URL:

Use the icon on the right of the text block to copy to clipboard

You many also define a default segment delivery server. This allows Channel Assembly to use a different server for harvesting playlists, to the one that serves video segments to your audience. For example, you may use Amazon S3 as the server for the Base URL for Channel Assembly to read from and a CloudFront distribution as the segment delivery server. We are not going to do that in this workshop, so you can leave the Use SigV4 for Amazon S3 authentication and Use a default segment delivery server options unchecked

Create Source Location

Select Create source location

User Guide - Source Locations